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Ágætis próf

Your result for The What Type of Human Are You? Test …


You scored 55% Do Gooder, 48% Drive, and 75% Intellect!

„To be or not to be?“ You’ve probably pondered that before, as well as a million other things. You are well-read and intelligent. You can solve math problems or correct grammatical errors. You’re also generally a nice person…but not nice to a fault which is good. I like a little bit of self-preservation. You are, however, a bit on the lazy side. You may know how to do things, when to do them, and why, but you don’t really like doing them. You’d rather just sit back and observe life as it goes on around you. With more drive, you could be a rather great human being indeed, but the world needs its philosophers, too.

All human being categories are: Lazy SOB, Rebel w/out a Cause, Evil Mastermind, Henchman, Criminal, Dictator, Frat Boy, Socialite, Philosopher, Stunt Double, Upstanding Citizen, Teacher, Cheerleader, Sister Mary DoGood, Benefactor, Loyal Sidekick, Candy Striper, Goody Two-Shoes.

Þetta passar bara nokkuð sæmilega við mig.

Prófið má annars taka hér.

“Ágætis próf”

  1. Cygnus sagði:

    Sæll Þarfagreinir!

    Þessar niðurstöður eru mjög

    Kær kveðja,


  2. Queen of Norm sagði:

    Ég er líka fílósófer 🙂
    63% Do Gooder, 48% Drive, and 89% Intellect!

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